Welcome to Aquaductt Clean Technologies, a platform offering comprehensive and integrated Green Kitchen solutions for the hospitality, commercial and star F&B sectors. Established by professionals with decades of international experience moving the needle in terms of hygiene and technology across the industrial kitchen landscape, the founders at ACT intend to stir the innovation pot further with their foray into Turnkey, Sustainable and Zero Waste Kitchens.




Waste Handling

Innovations in indoor food waste handling from point of source to point of centralized collection via vacuum or slurry piping system. The waste is unseen, unheard and unsmelt as it flows.

Waste Dewatering

Macerates and removes moisture from wet waste thereby reducing the weight and volume by more than 60%. The crushed & dewatered waste is thus made easier to handle and store, minimizing waste collection frequency and costs.

Waste Composting

In-vessel, fully-automatic, energy-efficient composter based on natural process of composting, which does not depend on baking and charring the waste at high power.

Waste Digestion

Indo-German, containerized, plug and play anaerobic reactor for circular conversion of food waste into carbon-neutral cooking gas or green energy and organic fertilizer.

Ventilation Systems

UK Certified Plasma, UVC eco solutions for grease, odour and smoke control in commercial kitchen hoods.
Ozone based solutions for odour control in public spaces and sewage treatment plants.

Commercial Kitchens

Best in class kitchens for the international hospitality chains and blue chip companies in partnership with one of Asia’s leading turnkey Kitchen Equipment Contractors.